Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is it really almost November?

      Is it just me or did October fly by? I feel as if I just looked at the calender and it was October 1st and now its the 30th.  They say time flies when you're having fun! It's
been extremely gross out due to hurricane Sandy, but when I woke up there
was NO RAIN, and I almost did a happy dance.  I decided to go back to sleep for
just a little longer, so there was no dance. :) Due to Ms. Sandy, Jon (my boyfriend) his
morning classes were cancelled, which I was thrilled because it meant I could steal
just a little bit more of his time.  Our time together is precious because of his 
schedule we don't see a lot of each other.  In a way it's a little good because 
we always appreciate our time together. I still miss him sitting next to me
every night when I'm eating dinner alone, THAT is something I'm
pretty dang sure, I won't ever get used too. Anyways, all was
going great until out of no where I was feeling incredibly
nauseous.  I ended up getting sick a few times, had to
call off work and stay home and rest.  I took a nice
nap and woke up feeling a little better, but my
stomach is still off. I'm praying this little
bug goes away soon, because it is very
Miss. Sickly

Once I woke up from my nap and felt a tad better I sat down at the table
and read more of my devotions book and bible. Every morning I wake up I eat my 
breakfast read my devotions book, look up scripture, write some down in my notebook
and then most days I also write in my prayer journal. I find my days are not as
peaceful and that I seem more stressed when I don't start my days off like
this.  It's important for us to have our alone time with the Lord, during
those times we hear him best.
I absolutely love my devotional book called "JESUS CALLING" by Sarah Young
I recommend it to everyone!

Going to go curl up with the pups on the couch since this tummy
ache is back in action!

xo' Danielle

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I decided I wanted to join the blogging world because I love to write.  I thought it would be a 
good "hobby" to start one of these up.  Who knows if people will ever read it and that
really isn't at all the reason why I wanted to create one.  It's a good way for me to express
my feelings and just get everything out so I don't keep it bottled up inside! AND incase
people do catch on to this little blog of mine I hope they will become inspired by my
love for the Lord.


IT'S SATURDAY! Who doesn't love Saturdays? I feel like it is the highlight of the week! Fridays are good too but there is just something about a Saturday that just makes me happy! :) Today Jon and I stayed cozied up 
in our bed until 11:00 am, which that almost never happens.  It is cold and rainy here in VA as hurriane Sandy is suppose to be reaching us soon. 

We visited my friend Lori at her house so I could finally meet all her cool animals.
She works with me at the vet office but has a side business called "zoomin zoo"
where she goes to birthday parties and such with her pets and informs all
the kiddos on reptiles, how to take care of them and all her knowledge she's
learned about them whether at school, when she worked at the aquarium or from everyday
life as an owner.

We also stopped by Target to get some snacks for this weekend since we knew we'd have to
be trapped inside.  Every time I go to Target I always want to buy a million things, well,
that is of course if money was no limitation. All of their Christmas stuff just makes my heart
so warm because I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season and cannot wait to celebrate
it with my love<3

Well, tomorrow is church to praise God for all the precious things he has blessed me with!
He is just TOO awesome. Also, we have to drop off our little york to get his
hair cut so, as Jon says he an be "built for speed!" ha! 

My two boys, Winston (the yorkie) and Jax (the toy poodle) <3

My little girl, Kiwi Banana!

Our newest member of the family, Penelope!