Saturday, December 22, 2012

My furr babies

I decided today's post could
be dedicated to my furr babies<3 

Winston Charles: yorkie, 6 years old.

his daddy
his green squeak toy
cat food!

big dogs
his sister (kiwi)
being locked up in the room

**I got Winston for my 17th birthday present from my parents he was the first
male dog I've ever had AND the first small dog.  I begged my parents for a yorkie for a year and
finally they caved! He is such a sweet boy but man this breed is VERY hard to potty train lol.
Don't know what I'd do without my big boy<3

Kiwi Banana: dachshund, 5 years old.

to annoy her brother (winston)
growl and jump up at the trash bags Im trying to put in the trash can
her mom :)
spending time on the couch

when I'm setting the timer for the dryer
empty trash bags scare her
being on a leash
being in the kitchen when we're eating dinner

**Kiwi is actually Jons dog although you'd never be able to guess that. She sure loves me
although I have a love/hate relationship with this little girl. I have never met a dog
who didn't like walks until I met Kiwi Banana.

Jackson Tyler: toy poodle, 4 years old.

Cuddling with me
car rides
drinking out of a cap of water bottles
His loufs (certain kind of toy lol)

the groomer
when I leave him to go anywhere
the other pups stealing his toys
strangers picking him up
his dad making him move when hes comfy in bed

**This little 4.2lb dog has me completely wrapped around his paw! His little heart
couldn't love his mother anymore than he does and I ADORE THAT lol<3 He is my
sweet little guy that gives me lovins' all day. I know you aren't suppose to have favorites
so I say that I don't BUTTTT Jon says otherwise ;)

Penelope: guinea pig, age unknown

Im not sure of this little piggys dislikes but I know she LOVES food, chewing on anything
and being able to run and stretch her legs. I rescued her from work and it was such
a good decision because she now has a wonderful life in our home with good
parents<3 she loves when Winnie runs into her room and runs up to her
cage she comes out of her hidey and runs up to him and touches his nose.

I am beyond blessed to have such sweet furr babies I don't have kids yet so THEY ARE


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello ladies! I just wanted to share with you two facebook pages you guys should look at! Gambizzle Jewels is one of them the owners name is Betty and she makes fabulous jewelry. She specializes in making military pieces but she can do just about anything. A few times I have emailed her saying I want a charm bracelet with these charms but I don't know what colors or how I want it to look so just surprise me, ha! I've never been disappointed yet :)

These aren't the best pictures but here is an idea of two pieces she has made me:)

The other page is sassykat creations and Kat is another woman with amazing talents! Browse her page and you'll find tons of things you want.

Again crappy pictures and I apologize but the necklace is song lyrics "we may be a thousand
miles apart but I'll be with you wherever you are" with a heart charm. Then the
bracelet is a very special sentimental piece.  The small plaque says
"you are my sunshine" and the two colored hearts are 
my birthstone and my gpa's birthstone. My gpa
and I are very very close and he always
sang the "you are my sunshine" song
to me. I emailed Kat wanting
to know if she could
make this and she
said of course!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


This Saturday was my work Christmas party and Jon and I had a lot of fun! It was at a bar and they rented a side of it that had pool tables and such. It was nice to see all my co-workers outside of our work environment.
My friend Lori and I :)

Jon and I<3

 A picture before we left the house:)

This would be precious Penelope giving me kisses!

Anyways all in all I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too!
Wanted to share with you a new mascara I really like!

AND...also a delicious recipe we tried tonight!

Its called pizza sandwiches

1 lb ground beef
1 onion,diced
4 oz. jar sliced mushrooms,drained
16 oz jar pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
hamburger buns or subs
sliced olives (optional)

brown ground beef and onion, drain then add mushrooms and pizza sauce 
to skiller; heat through. Assemble sandwiches with ground beef mixture
and add cheese slices and olives and pepperoni to it and ENJOY:)

Friday, December 14, 2012


So I was thinking a day or two ago how much can change in either a short amount of time or a long time. To be specific I was thinking about what my "type" of guy was back in high school and what my "type" is now.

1. Fun and outgoing..
2. Loves country, pretty much a country boy 
3. I was a sucker for green eyes
4. Family oriented
5. MUST love animals
6. a home body..
7. I was all into the big muscles lol

No where on that list did you see me mention a man who loved the Lord and wanted to serve him. No where on the list did you see me write, must attend church, and must have a passion to help others. It's funny at age 15,16 and 17 what is so "important" to you..just isn't nearly as important when you mature and grow up. Some of those things still apply for me, fun and outgoing, family oriented, must LOVE animals. But the other things aren't necessities to have. Especially, green eyes and big muscles? I actually am NOT as attracted to guys with 6 pac abs and huge arms anymore at all lol. And although I do love country music with all my hearts and I think cowboys are definitely good looking, I'd much prefer a guy that knows how to dress up. My new list definitely is more about a well rounded guy, a person who's heart is on fire for the Lord, a man that will attend church with me BECAUSE he wants to be there not because he knows I want him to be there. I am lucky that I found all of that and more in the guy I met 2 years ago<3 I met Jon when I wasn't even looking, when I had no intentions at all in giving my heart away. I've changed a lot in 2 years and so as he and I think we are better people for it. I think I am way more proud of who I am now then who I was at 16 and even who I was at 21. So here's to good men, here's to our previous savior, and here's to finding your soul mate<3 I know I have and I have no intention on messing this's to a great future for us all and to one day being a Mrs because I know I'm ready for it<3

Jon and I after our 5k race in November

Our guinea, penelope<3

This man has shown me a whole new meaning for love and he has also taught me how to love myself<3 I am beyond grateful to be his..
Us at a concert this summer<3

**completely off track but can someone tell me how to make my profile NOT be a non-reply page? someone commented on my last post about not being able to comment back on something I left on her page. I need good instructions I'm still new to this and cant figure it out! Thanks bloggie friends<3

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little bit of this..A little bit of that

Hello Blogger Friends!
I returned home to VA on Sunday
after visiting my friends and family in Ohio!
I bad a great time and loved spending my days with 
people I don't see often enough. I usually go home twice 
a year and my mom comes here to visit me usually once. I love
it here in  VA but the one thing it is missing is my family<3 My aunt
had a family get together so I was able to see all of my moms side of the family.
Then my gparents had us over for pizza and to play the wii which was tons of fun!
I went out with the girls on Friday and it was a wild night. But none the less I missed 
Jon, my furr babies and my life in VA. I am a very structured and organized person so it can
be tough on me to be out of my element.  But really, I did pretty good without constantly
checking my calendar and always wanting to be on a schedule lol! It is so funny to
me how different my sister and I are! Anyways I thought I'd end this
post off with some quotes<3 Because who doesnt love
quotes? :)

  1. In those moments when you think nobody cares about you, and when you think you are worthless, remember that were made for a reason by someone who will ALWAYS love you.
     2.  Before you sleep remember that it's ok to not be ok. We all have our struggles. God 
           loves you for who you are, but too much to leave you that way.

      3.  The bible never once says, "Figure it out" but over and over it says, "TRUST GOD."
            he's already got it all figured out.

       4.  It's not wrong to give it all when you love. It's not wrong to love a person so much. 
             Sometimes, the only wrong this is the person you love.

        5.  Don't worry when she fights with you, worry when she stops..because it means 
             there is nothing left to fight for.

        6.  "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. The reason they say that to           
               you is because they can't do it themselves." - Will Smith

                                                  Have a great Tuesday!! xO

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ohio on the mind

Well....I am beyond excited that tomorrow I fly home to Ohio to visit with family and friends for a few days! I absolutely hate flying alone and really am not a fan of the Atlanta airport that I will unfortunately be making a stop at! It is sooooo big and I almost missed my plane last time I flew in there. So needless to say I am worrying and worrying haha! I am definitely in need of a break from work especially after today.  We have this client who is very rude, does not smile, and does NOT like women. Today he came in for his appointment 10 minutes early (his appt. was at 3) at 3:01 he said "So let me guess the Dr is late today." I said, No sir actually he's wrapping it up with the client and you should be in a room in 5 minutes. He rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. At ANY Dr office a vet, human Dr, anywhere there is a GOOD chance you wont get in the SECOND you walk through the door.  After he was seen he walked out walked up to the desk and handed me his credit card. I said, It will just be a minute I'm waiting for the chart from the DR. Usually people say "that's fine, thanks" and sit down and wait. No...not this man he stood there staring at me while watching the clock and huffing and puffing. Once everything was ready I rang him up and he said, "so about that card you guys give I get a punch for buying the medication?" (We have this card called a loyalty card and for every 25 dollars you spend in product such as medication, food, treats, toys we punch out a paw on the card. Once the card is entirely full you get a 50 dollar credit on your account to use for whatever.) I told him No, sorry the medication was 19.50 and it needs to be 25.00 to get a punch. He says "ok, so basically its like dealing with people at most car places you get low quality service for high prices?" I just stared at him and didn't even say a word, what I wanted to say would of got me fired so I kept my mouth shut lol. So then he went on, "Also its like when you go somewhere and spend a lot of money and then when you are checking out they give you a coupon to use within 15 days. Like, hello I am here NOW spending this money I wont be back in 15 days so just give me the coupon now and let me use it for this order." I said, "I'm sorry your so upset but there is nothing I can do." He said, "whatever" and he left. A minute later walks back in and I guess he left his medication in front of my computer (where I cant see where I am sitting) and says " are really paying attention I just left without the meds and you didnt even notice..nice" I said, Sir you left it in front of my computer I cannot see that from where I am. He laughs and says "Of course you have an excuse..all women do." AND SLAMMED THE DOOR AND LEFT?! What a bitter mean person? All I can do is pray for that man and hope that soon he realizes soon there is no reason at all to treat people that way. I told the practice manager and she is going to talk to all the DRs about it.  Anyways I hope everyone has a great week!!! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st.

Happy December 1st blogger friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Today I woke up at 5am for work..

Today I ate 2 donuts and my stomach could barely take all the sugar..

Today I was ever so thankful that Saturdays are just a half day at the clinic..

Today I took my furr babies for a night walk since it was a beautiful day..

Today I stopped by my neighbors to visit and chat..

Tonight I will finally get to spend some time with my other half..

Tonight I ate a delicious dinner..

Tonight I am wearing my fuzzy leopard print slippers and my feet are toasty warm..

Tonight I will be going through all the bills and writing out checks, blahh :)..

Tonight I *should* start packing for Ohio but honestly that probably wont happen lol..