Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little bit of this..A little bit of that

Hello Blogger Friends!
I returned home to VA on Sunday
after visiting my friends and family in Ohio!
I bad a great time and loved spending my days with 
people I don't see often enough. I usually go home twice 
a year and my mom comes here to visit me usually once. I love
it here in  VA but the one thing it is missing is my family<3 My aunt
had a family get together so I was able to see all of my moms side of the family.
Then my gparents had us over for pizza and to play the wii which was tons of fun!
I went out with the girls on Friday and it was a wild night. But none the less I missed 
Jon, my furr babies and my life in VA. I am a very structured and organized person so it can
be tough on me to be out of my element.  But really, I did pretty good without constantly
checking my calendar and always wanting to be on a schedule lol! It is so funny to
me how different my sister and I are! Anyways I thought I'd end this
post off with some quotes<3 Because who doesnt love
quotes? :)

  1. In those moments when you think nobody cares about you, and when you think you are worthless, remember that were made for a reason by someone who will ALWAYS love you.
     2.  Before you sleep remember that it's ok to not be ok. We all have our struggles. God 
           loves you for who you are, but too much to leave you that way.

      3.  The bible never once says, "Figure it out" but over and over it says, "TRUST GOD."
            he's already got it all figured out.

       4.  It's not wrong to give it all when you love. It's not wrong to love a person so much. 
             Sometimes, the only wrong this is the person you love.

        5.  Don't worry when she fights with you, worry when she stops..because it means 
             there is nothing left to fight for.

        6.  "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. The reason they say that to           
               you is because they can't do it themselves." - Will Smith

                                                  Have a great Tuesday!! xO


  1. You are sweet. Thanks for your kind words girlfriend :) btw- I want to reply to your sweet comments, but can't. It says you are a non-reply blogger. Go under edit settings and hit "show email"! It will also enable you to grow your blog a lot.

    1. I'm trying to work on that (see previous post lol)

  2. I cant seem to figure it out :/ can you email me? danielle.horvat12@gmail.com THANKS :)

  3. #3 really spoke to me!! thanks for sharing :) Glad you had a good trip :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jillian<3 hope all is well with you! I really adore your blog.

  5. glad you had a good trip! love these quotes!

  6. Where were you in Ohio?! Love #3...so thankful to be able to cast all my cares upon him!

  7. Awww wish you could have posted some photos of your fun times in VA. And I super love these quotes, especially the first and third quote. Have a happy day!

    1. I know I only took a few maybe I'll post them! I love all the quotes as well<3