Friday, December 14, 2012


So I was thinking a day or two ago how much can change in either a short amount of time or a long time. To be specific I was thinking about what my "type" of guy was back in high school and what my "type" is now.

1. Fun and outgoing..
2. Loves country, pretty much a country boy 
3. I was a sucker for green eyes
4. Family oriented
5. MUST love animals
6. a home body..
7. I was all into the big muscles lol

No where on that list did you see me mention a man who loved the Lord and wanted to serve him. No where on the list did you see me write, must attend church, and must have a passion to help others. It's funny at age 15,16 and 17 what is so "important" to you..just isn't nearly as important when you mature and grow up. Some of those things still apply for me, fun and outgoing, family oriented, must LOVE animals. But the other things aren't necessities to have. Especially, green eyes and big muscles? I actually am NOT as attracted to guys with 6 pac abs and huge arms anymore at all lol. And although I do love country music with all my hearts and I think cowboys are definitely good looking, I'd much prefer a guy that knows how to dress up. My new list definitely is more about a well rounded guy, a person who's heart is on fire for the Lord, a man that will attend church with me BECAUSE he wants to be there not because he knows I want him to be there. I am lucky that I found all of that and more in the guy I met 2 years ago<3 I met Jon when I wasn't even looking, when I had no intentions at all in giving my heart away. I've changed a lot in 2 years and so as he and I think we are better people for it. I think I am way more proud of who I am now then who I was at 16 and even who I was at 21. So here's to good men, here's to our previous savior, and here's to finding your soul mate<3 I know I have and I have no intention on messing this's to a great future for us all and to one day being a Mrs because I know I'm ready for it<3

Jon and I after our 5k race in November

Our guinea, penelope<3

This man has shown me a whole new meaning for love and he has also taught me how to love myself<3 I am beyond grateful to be his..
Us at a concert this summer<3

**completely off track but can someone tell me how to make my profile NOT be a non-reply page? someone commented on my last post about not being able to comment back on something I left on her page. I need good instructions I'm still new to this and cant figure it out! Thanks bloggie friends<3


  1. Loving animals was high on my list too! Thank goodness it looks like we both found men who love Jesus AND animals. And about the no reply thing...this should take care of it.

    How to enable your e-mail: BLOGGER ACCOUNTS: To do this, click on your Dashboard, click on EDIT PROFILE and place a checkmark next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and finally scroll to the bottom and click SAVE PROFILE. Good luck!!

  2. This post is awesome! It really is funny how different the list is between the age of 16 and now. ALMOST completely different! So happy you have found the one your soul loves. :)

    1. P.S. I got your comment yesterday but I still can't reply.

      1) Go "home" - your dashboard
      2) Upper right hand corner, click your nail and click on "Blogger Profile"
      3) Again, go to the upper right hand corner and click "Edit Profile"
      4) Like the previous comment says, make sure the "Show my email address" has a check mark next to it
      5) ALSO make sure under "IDENTITY" you have an email address listed
      6) Save

      Hope this helps! :)