Sunday, December 16, 2012


This Saturday was my work Christmas party and Jon and I had a lot of fun! It was at a bar and they rented a side of it that had pool tables and such. It was nice to see all my co-workers outside of our work environment.
My friend Lori and I :)

Jon and I<3

 A picture before we left the house:)

This would be precious Penelope giving me kisses!

Anyways all in all I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too!
Wanted to share with you a new mascara I really like!

AND...also a delicious recipe we tried tonight!

Its called pizza sandwiches

1 lb ground beef
1 onion,diced
4 oz. jar sliced mushrooms,drained
16 oz jar pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
hamburger buns or subs
sliced olives (optional)

brown ground beef and onion, drain then add mushrooms and pizza sauce 
to skiller; heat through. Assemble sandwiches with ground beef mixture
and add cheese slices and olives and pepperoni to it and ENJOY:)


  1. I love work Christmas parties! Looks like a great time :)

    The recipe sounds amazing! I must try!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I am now a new follower of yours : ) It sounds like you had a great weekend, and you looked beautiful! That little Penelope is PRECIOUS and yum to the pizza sandwiches! Also, I see that you are blogging friends with Faith. You've gotta watch out for her lol, just kidding, I love her!

    1. Thank you hun:) that is very sweet. My little penelope is a cutie isnt she? And try the sandwiches they are delicious :) lol

  3. Love you in that red sweater- you look gorgeous girl!

    1. Thank you! I bought the sweater last december and love it<3

  4. Yummy recipe!! And looks like a fun weekend! :)