Thursday, November 1, 2012


Thought I'd try this out, here's 25 random facts about me! :)

1. Writing is my escape and stress reliever

2, I am extremely organized and make many lists. I live by my calendar, which is even
color coded :)

3. I've been told I'm passionate about the things I hate.

4. I love God.  I love that I have chosen him to be my #1 in my life.  I have no idea how I ever
made it through life alone.

5. Staying in shape and eating healthy means a lot to me.  

6. My gparents mean the absolute world to me.  I am beyond blessed that they have always
chosen to be so active in my life.

7. My boyfriend has showed me what a true loving relationship is suppose to be like. I thank God
daily that he allowed me to meet my soul mate so early in life.<3Hes my blessing.

8. I have such a soft spot for animals.  I've been in the veterinary medicine field for 7 years now.

9. I love to take baths or showers and turn off the light and just use candles for light!

10. I am very picky about the pens I use! ha.

11. I have always wished that I could trade in my brown eyes for green!

12. My mornings consist of reading my devotional book, and bible while I eat my breakfast.
(After I take the pups out of course)

13. My mom and I talk on the phone about twice a day, everyday. She really is my best friend.

14.  One of my dreams has always been to own a horse.

15. I have horrible anxiety problems that get in the way of almost everything.

16. I remember telling my grandma how annoying my little sister was and that there was no way I'd
ever consider her a "friend." Ya...well that changed when I moved to VA. Love my sis <3

17. I want to go to school and earn a degree.

18. When I was little I always said I'd ever get engaged or married on 12-12-12, as far back as I can
remember the number 12 has ALWAYS been my favorite!

19. I could eat chips and dip alllllll day long.

20. I am extremely grateful my gparents and aunt helped out and paid for my braces. I love my smile now.

21.  Nike Dual Fussions are the best running shoes, hands down!

22. No one can make me smile like my papa<3

23. I have a serious obsession with cheesecake. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, OK maybe I actually have done that....a time or two ;)

24.  I love to give.  I'm always thinking of a way that I can make someones day, just to let them know how much I appreciate them.

25. There's just something about country music on a summer night with the windows down that makes peace surround my heart.


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog. We have a few things in common! Definitely the list thing, chips & dip for sure, country music, and loving to give are just a few to start! I love that God is a huge part of your life. Though it is a new thing for me, I have found that it's better late than never, especially with my faith. I would like to follow you as well but I don't think you have it set up! Let me know if you need help. :) Welcome to blogland!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Thats awesome that we have a few things in common, ahhh chips and dip, SO addicting isnt it? I can never just have one handful! God is great, he is such a forgiving and faithful God, we are so lucky! I have no clue how to work this blog thing, lol I'd appreciate it if you could email me! I have a few questions, thanks a ton! email me when you have a chance, have a great Friday! Xo

  2. Aww, I love it. :) And your blog. I agree with the country music, and loving to give(part of why i love Christmas time, i love planning out what gifts to give and to whom) and cheesecae is delish! And ive always wanted a horse, even now. Unfortunately thats probably not going to happen unless i find me a cowboy that i fall in love with! ;) lol. jk. Thanks for the comment on my blog, i love yours as well! Looks like a good start to me! :D

    1. I love to plan out what gifts to give people too, when their face lights up it just makes my heart happy :) I remember when I was really little writing out my Christmas list for santa, a horse was always number 1! I know they are a lot of work but I just love them, and riding is so relaxing and fun. I cross my fingers that one day I'll be able to have one of my own, and I hope one day you can too! Youre welcome for your comment, I will def. keep my eye out for your new posts! :D have a great day!

  3. Such a fun list! Love summer nights too!

  4. number and me both. no better way to unwind.

  5. Lots in common- 2,3,14, and especially 15- trying to overcome it!! I worry about everything!!