Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Love

  Today we decided to stay home and live stream online and watch the service at Faith Family Church.  I live in VA Beach now and have found a church that Jon and I really love but part of my heart will always belong to Faith Family.  I cannot wait to go home next month and sit in a seat upfront and sing my heart out, their worship team is beyond amazing.  I was going back and fourth in my head whether or not to go to our church, Upward or watch Faith Family online today.  Something inside just told me to stay home. I wasn't sure if it was me just wanting to stay in my PJs a little longer or because God wanted me to hear everything Pastor Mike had to say. I took tons of notes and cannot wait to share them with my friends.  Our God is a good God he is in the business of saving souls and we must always be grateful for him.<3 Have a great Sunday everyone!


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  2. so great we have the means to do that!? nothing better that hearer great worship music front and center ;)