Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nothings worse than being a worried mama..

I am so thankful that today has been so much better than my night last night. All was going well
until my yorkie, Winston and dachshund, Kiwi got into a fight! Winston yelped, shaking and was
walking strange.  He wasn't limping but he wouldn't hold his head up fully. I was a mess
and called Jon at work asking what I should do.  It's funny because I am in the veterinarian
medicine field and when someone calls me panicked about their pet I instantly give
them good advice and walk them through the proper steps. Well, when its my
own babies, I'm just a nervous mama, I'm no assistant, I'm no receptionist,
I am in freak-out-mode and that's all there is too it. He eventually stopped shaking and I
put him on the couch to see if he would lay down.  He got comfy and just laid there while
I was petting him.

I decided since he was sleeping that he could wait until tomorrow and I'd take him to work
with me since I opened and had to be there at the dreaded hour of 6:15am.  He saw the DR
and she said he pulled a muscle in his neck and that he just needs rest, pain medicine and
a muscle relaxer and he'll be good as new in a few days. I was beyond relieved
and gave him the biggest hug that lead to a kiss on his head. All is
good in my world again and my heart immediately felt
at peace. Nothings worse than one of your
babies being hurt and you not knowing
exactly whats wrong and not knowing what to do.

After work Jon and I took a nice little nap and then walked the pups. We headed out around 5:20
to my friends house for dinner. We had a great time and it was nice to see their new
house they recently bought. After I finish up on the ol' blogger I'll head downstairs
to cuddle with my pups and boyfriend <3 I just love Saturdays <3 

Have a great weekend friends!

The best picture ever of my handsome Winston<3

Before we left to go to Jess's.

And to end with an awesome quote. Cannot wait to go to church tomorrow
and soak up all the love for our Lord and listen to a great message.<3



  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog Danielle! I'm so glad your adorable little puppy is going to be okay!

  2. You're so welcome! I really enjoyed reading some of your posts and will check back frequently :D Yes Winston is doing well he is on a pain medication and a muscle relaxer and he seems a lot better today!

  3. poor little guy! Glad it wasn't anything more serious! I HATE when my pup gets hurt, I seriously don't know how to handle it! Last year our dog got attacked, and I cried for a day straight while she was in the hospital. Yikes!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. So awesome that you prayed about your vote, me too. I love this country so much and pray that God will be in control during the entire election process.
    Abi K

    1. I guess we'll see shortly who our next president will be..Im nervous!! Hope you had a great Tuesday! xO

  5. I just found your blog! I also just started a blog. Would love if you came by! Want to follow each other? xo

    1. I visited your blog and when I went to leave a comment it made me try and copy what the picture says, some type of security and I tried several times and it wouldnt work so I was unable to leave you a comment :(

  6. btw, I am following now on gfc :
    Abi K