Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

Today was just one of those days where I was more tired than normal,
more emotional than usual, and mentally and emotionally just left to give. Today was no different
than any day. Today I woke up and spent my 
first part of the morning with the Lord
and my devotional book and bible.
Today I ate breakfast and thought
about all the blessings I've been
given in my 23 years of life. Today
I drove to work in my silver
little car and listened to
country music the whole
way singing my lil' heart
out. Today I took a
deep breath
before I entered the door at work.

I said my good mornings and I got my station all tidied up. But for some
reason today just isn't my day.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself
nor am I completely mad about it but the only words
that come to my mind are, "this too shall pass." Today
was a day where I really didn't want to talk, but certainly
had no choice in that matter considering I was at WORK.
Today I could of spent all morning evening and night in my comfy
fleece zebra PJs and read a book in bed and caught up
on my TV shows. Today, maybe more than once, I might
of cried while hugging my teddy bear and snuggling
with my dogs. Today I just miss home, I miss
my mom, I miss my small town.  I don't say that often
because I don't usually miss that place full of
drama and broken dreams. When I go to bed
tonight I'll pray tomorrow is my day. Tomorrow
I'll wake up with a not so heavy heart and tomorrow
I'll be me, again. Everyone has these kinds
of days, that I am sure of. So here's too believing in
"this too shall pass."


I hope everyone had a blessed Thursday! :)


  1. I'm sorry you had such a cruddy day! I had one of them myself - I can totally relate. But tomorrow is another day...cheesy as that sounds...and I hope your tomorrow is much better! :) It's almost the weekend anyhow, that's always a reason to smile ;)

    P.S. I keep trying to respond to your comments via e-mail but you're a no-reply blogger :(

    1. you are right the weekend is ALWAYS a reason to smile :) Thanks for the comment and I hope tomorrow is better for the both of us..I dont know how to change it, I am so new to blogging haha!

    2. Don't feel bad, I didn't know I was a no-reply blogger until someone told me once, and I didn't know how to fix it either. I had to Google it. So once I figured it out, I wrote a post on how to fix it!!

      Hope that's helpful!! :)

  2. Sorry you had such a bummer of a day. I know it happens to us all. Praying tomorrow is better!!

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  4. You are such a great writer!! I love your posts & I can totally relate. Maybe you need a little weekend retreat or maybe just a couple hours with coffee, pjs, your bible & books....sometimes it a sign that God wants to speak to us by putting in us a desire to slow down just for a day. I will pray for God to speak to your heart & give you peace. :)

    1. Awe youre so sweet thank you so much! I prayed before I went to sleep and I woke up in a great mood, we all have crappy days and I was trying so hard to get out of my funk but it just wasnt working! My pups could tell I was sad they stayed by my side all night :)

  5. ahh, we have all been there. hang in there, things will turn around!

  6. Girl! SAMESY's! ha! I could have written that same post today! I miss my mommy too! haha! You are exactly right though, and it's a great attitude to know and understand that this too shall pass! Thankfully we have a loving Jesus who LOVES to use these kinds of days to teach us abundantly! I'm clinging to that today! Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Xo Kristen

    1. I love that saying, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. It is beyond true and sometimes helps repeating it over and over in our head or aloud when we are having crappy days. I hope your day was much better today and that you prayed to the Lord to help you through your not so good days because I prayed and prayed last night! <3